The Perfect Punch

December 13, 2012 1 Comment »
The Perfect Punch

Last Saturday night the boxing world was thrilled to see Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez fight for the 4th time.  It was a sell out crowd. The pay-per-view sold extremely well and anticipation was in the air. These two men would once again battle it out in the ring. From the bell it was exciting and explosive. They traded vicious blows. In the third round Juan Manuel Marquez knocked Pacquiao down and then in the fifth round Pacquiao knocked Marquez down. The crowd there was lively, where I watched the fight was lively. It was a fight like we have not seen in a while.

Pacquiao was dominating the sixth round and seemed to be taking control of the fight. With a few seconds left in the round Pacquiao missed a punch and Juan Manuel Marquez capitalized with a crisp right hand that sent Pacquiao straight down. He was out cold. Fans were quiet, Juan Manuel Marquez did not celebrate his victory until Pacquiao was awakened.

When Pacquiao was asked about it, he indicated “I was overconfident and got careless, I did not see that punch coming.”

When Marquez was asked about it, he indicated “I threw the perfect punch.”

Sometimes in life we too get careless and overconfident and the enemy will blindside us with the perfect punch.

The perfect punch will take you out.

The perfect punch will rob you of the opportunity to achieve your goal.

The perfect punch will sideline you for a long time.

Let’s not get careless.

Let’s not be overconfident.

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  • Dad

    So true we forget that the enemy even though we think that we are stronger, he is constantly looking for that moment when we let our guards down. Letting our guards down means exactly what you express overconfident. We must maintain our eyes on Jesus and our feet on the ground. Stay blessed.